Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Generation Evolutional Fit:Insight II

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             Leveraging Technology

The Millennial Generation sees through your antiquated system and is annoyed by it.  They want to be a part of modern speed and capabilities which defined their adolescent reality and have little interest in preserving systems because “that is the way we have always done it.”  Again think recruiting and retention of this work force.  You will not win new employees or keep existing ones if you promote your 1980s technology by which their jobs will be more difficult. 

Secondly consider the interaction with the Millennial customer base who interprets value through ease of use.  Ease of use is part of the overall customer experience and can be capitalized on for business development within your marketing efforts.  At the very least your technology platforms, or lack there-of, should not detract or interfere with the customer experience; they are only good if they add.  Interface navigation to Millennials is as natural as you being able to drive a friend’s car; it is different than yours yet same in principal.  However, when you have to start the car from second gear because the clutch won’t allow you to go into first, your opinion of your friend’s car diminishes.  In fact, you are less likely to ask to borrow it in the future…but that could also be due to the bumper sticker reading “The 70s Were My Heyday!” 

Where updating software and hardware systems can be a costly capital project, start by incorporating free to inexpensive aps and updates where applicable for in house efficiency.  Simple is better than malfunctioning; clean is better than cluttered on your website; and systems that don’t integrate with one another are not worth investing. Companies should be up on market capabilities and what that could add to the bottom line through increased efficiency and competitive advantage. 

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